Photo by Yan Palmer of me and my beloved little family

hey friend!

I’m Liz! That little girl who walked around my whole childhood burning through my parents and grandparents’ film. The girl who realized I could grow up and do whatever makes me happy. So here I am, burning through my own film to make gems in photographic form for other humans. And I am loving every ever-loving second of it.

I’m a wife; mom; member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; world traveler; Michigan native; 90’s kid (still slightly obsessed with Backstreet Boys); ESFJ; Enneagram 6; aspiring minimalist; lover of all things yellow; wild salty hair, ocean, sun, and beach lover; and I can be found most days with a top knot and bare feet.

I believe in being genuine. Finding beauty in the everyday. Grace. Connectedness. Simplicity. Love. Loyalty. Kindness. Fun. These are things in my heart I reflect onto each photo session, this is the banner I wave over my life. Every day we are telling our stories. We are here. We exist. We matter. And I believe deep in my heart of hearts the importance of immortalizing that—our existence. Your existence.

I’m an open book and love making friends! Feel free to contact me!

But enough about me. Let’s get together and tell YOUR story.