Show of hands, who here struggles with worthiness?

When Photo Native put out the call for instructors, and I found myself filling out the form, I seriously felt like it was a little cloud of inspiration over me. I was a human vessel for inspiration working through me, and I finally understood personally what Elizabeth Gilbert describes as Big Magic. It felt like these ideas were barely mine, my hands were operating from an unknown source of courage, urging me into this arena. I accepted.

I see the lineup for Photo Native (you guys, it’s a good one!) and the industry brilliance that will be represented there, and I find myself backing away into the shadows. I keep thinking…did they get the right girl? Are they sure they meant ME?! I understand now what imposter syndrome is! I have been working my tail off for the past 7+ years teaching myself this craft, refining it, trying and erring and trying again, learning from my mistakes, mastering many parts of it, earning recognition for it, and I still don’t feel worthy.

You know what? Enough of that. It’s not bragging to say I have worth. It’s not egotistical to love myself, to see something good in who I am and what I do. To celebrate what I have overcome, who I am despite what I’ve been through. I truly believe that I came to this planet for a purpose, and part of that purpose will be brought to life at Photo Native next year. It won’t be perfect, I can promise you that. But it will be real. What I have to share is going to come from a place of authenticity and humor and softheartedness.

I purchased my ticket to Photo Native when they did the surprise super early bird registration, before they announced any instructors, because I knew that this is the creative conference I wanted to go to. I didn’t know I was going to be teaching. All I knew was some of the photographers I admire most have taught at this conference in the past (see also: WENDY LAUREL), and I believe in their motto: You Belong. Before even being part of the Photo Native family, I felt that.

Here are the details for PN2020:

WHO/WHAT is Photo Native for?: “If you are looking for not only artistic inspiration, solutions to burnout, and reigniting your creative fire but also, just as importantly, new knowledge, strategies, and skills that will best serve you in business marketing and financial success, you're going to love Photo Native. Come learn how to up-level your business, be the creative powerhouse we know you are, and join an incredible community of artists for three days of inspiration and growth.”

WHERE: The Goodland hotel in Santa Barbara, California. (Cue all of the heart eyes you guys)

WHEN: February 17-19, 2020

HOW much?: “A Class Pass for Photo Native is $850 and includes two keynotes, both days of classes, four meals, the Native Party and Native Social, as well as access to video recordings of both days of classes to be made available after the event. There will also be social and network opportunities, snacks and beverages, and other fun perks. Native Shoots, Business Boost classes, and other add-ons will be available for purchase as well this fall. You must purchase a Class Pass in order to be eligible to reserve your spot at a Native Shoot/Native Dinner/Business Boost.

Your Class Pass includes access to networking opportunities and socials, attendance at your choice of classes offered, learning from our inspiring keynote speakers, meals, and the chance to shake your groove thing at what we promise will be the greatest party ever.  You’ll also have access via Facebook to recordings of both days of classes after the event so you can soak in every ounce of knowledge shared. You’ll make invaluable connections and gain the skills you need to increase your abilities and grow your business.”

LODGING: “We have a secured a special group rate of $179/night for Photo Native attendees at The Goodland, right where Photo Native is taking place. We’ve also had the Good Life fee (aka, resort fee) reduced from $25 to $15 a night.”

What am I teaching about? Gratitude practice in creativity and business. "Gratitude practice has become the heartbeat of my creative life. It is essential for revival (and creative, impassioned survival). I have noticed a dramatic difference in the days when I practice active gratitude or when I merely glaze over the beauty that’s right in front of me, engrossed in the hustle. What creates a full creative life? What allows us to see those connections, shapes, colors, light that translates so beautifully into photographs? Daily decisions that add up to positive contributions to ourselves, our families, our community, our art, our world. At the heart of this is the quiet beating heart of gratitude. We will be covering how to navigate blogging, social media, brand, client interaction, creating art, everything we do everyday through the rose colored glasses of gratitude. As we become more aware and train ourselves to notice, we become more cognitive, coherent people who contribute more and contribute better things to our art and the world.”

I would LOVE if you join me. YOU BELONG!