bohemian rhapsody

Show of hands, to all my artists out there, who watched the movie Bohemian Rhapsody and was completely changed forever? I FELT things, man! Freddie Mercury was an actual artist. He pushed boundaries, stopped caring about what other people thought and lived his truth. He stopped trying to suppress who he was, who he was always told he was supposed to be, and embraced his weird. He never would’ve made it to superstardom if he hadn’t experimented, if he kept following the narrative other people wrote for him. And for that, the world is forever grateful.

We need innovators, movers and shakers, new perspectives, fresh eyes. It’s the only way we progress! Think about medical field, and how many advances have been made because we have people out there thinking outside of the box, instead of taking the traditional route that their predecessors did.

Art is exactly the same. You have to stop looking at other people’s work, and start focusing on who you are, curating art that is an extension of unique you. Instead of poring over how your work isn’t like so-and-so’s, studying their Instagram and photographs on Pinterest, why don’t you get out and experiment? Figure out what you like! Write down things that make you feel. Is it the sunset? Is it connection? What does that connection look like? Could you try to capture it (either in the moment or in careful re-creation?) Maybe you’re the only one who loves that particular thing. Maybe you’re the only one who can give voice to it. Maybe it has to be you. Maybe that’s exactly what the world needs. Maybe nobody has seen anything like it before, and it would be sensational. Nobody is going to notice you if you’re trying to blend in. Nobody will be able to remember you if you’re like everyone else they’ve ever seen. And nobody is going to be excited or passionate about it unless you are. Get out there and create some art that only you can make!

The following are some of my weirdest photos, most experimental, most true to me…and also the ones that have received the most likes.