Before moving to Long Beach, I had PRAYED that Heavenly Father would prepare a friend for me.

After all, I was leaving a tight-knit community in Tehachapi and surely lightning wouldn’t hit this lightning rod twice.


A dear friend that I had met at Yeah Field Trip earlier this year was the welcome wagon for me in the first week of being the new kid in town. While we were together, she asked if I had seen a post on Yan Palmer’s private Teethkiss group that we’re both part of (as fellow Yan-Fans) by a girl with kids who had just moved into OC and was looking to make friends.

I contacted her immediately, after seeing we BOTH love Yan and BOTH belong to the same church and BOTH have little girls. Basically a recipe for instant friends.

I showed up at her house and it felt like I had paraded in on a friend whom I had known for years. Christina is kind, she is light, she is good, she is talented, she is MOVING AWAY (cue all the sad face emojis).

I feel like Heavenly Father dealt me a hand that was TOO GOOD and He was like, let me adjust that a little bit, and swapped some cards around and is seeing how I handle it now.

I’ve always had a love of film. I’ve been toting around a camera since I was a kid, burning through film my parents would send to a cheap lab and have made into 4x6s. I relearned that love when I met my best friend who had gone to school for photography, and I relearned to love it again when my dad bought me a used Canon EOS 3 off of ebay for Christmas last year. And it sat collecting dust in a cupboard, because I was too scared to use it and fail. Too scared to burn too much money and put my family in financial ruin too, but that’s another story for another day (ha!)

Christina rekindled a fire that is burning through me (and all of my film!) and I am forever grateful. She helped me, she inspired me, she provided me with a sounding board, and yummy food.

She taught me that for her, creativity goes hand in hand with spirituality. It is the same. I don’t think I will EVER forget this, because it’s one of those powerful truths that gets etched on your heart forever and resounds in my head every time I pick up my scriptures or pick up my camera.

I’m really sad she’s leaving.

But my loss is your gain (Sacramento and surrounding areas!). If you haven’t checked out her website, PLEASE do. She really is such a trailblazing talent.